Hunting waterfowl in Saskatchewan

Known as the Land of Living Skies for producing some of the countries most breath taking sunsets, stormy horizons and northern lights, its sky is also home to one of the largest duck populations on the continent.  Thousands of “honkers” fill the sky with long V-formations; snow geese cover fields like freshly fallen snow, and sandhill cranes fill the air with distinctive rolling cries.  As soon as the combines start to swath massive fields of wheat, barley and peas in late August, geese congregate to consume feed in preparation for southern migration. The Saskatchewan prairie attracts every major species. Hosting over ten species of ducks and over five sub species of Canada geese ranging from Giant Greaters to small Cacklers, Snow Geese, Ross Geese, and Sandhill Cranes in staggering numbers. Goose season remains open into December, but the peak period is usually the final week of September through mid to late October in this province. Fall weather fluctuations can certainly alter the timing of staging and migration, but as long as roost water stays open and waste grain uncovered by snow, the waterfowl, a lot of it... will be there to hunt. With our high bag limits and multiple species of waterfowl, No Fly Zone Waterfowl Outfitters is in the centre of the migration.  There is no other place in Canada to experience waterfowl hunting like this. 

Limits are generous. Hunters are allowed a daily limit of eight dark geese, which can include five speckelbelly geese.  The daily white goose limit is 20. Combined with a daily limit of eight ducks only four may be pintails, and five Sandhill Cranes. Hunters that are set up in a hot field on these prairies can experience incredible shooting.  Sharp-tailed Grouse, Ruffed Grouse and Hungarian Partridge also call Saskatchewan home.  Sharp-tailed Grouse daily limit of two, season limit of four.  Hungarian Partridge offers a daily limit of four, season limit of eight.  Ruffed Grouse daily limit of ten. There are specific dates for hunting upland game birds if you are a non-resident.  Please let us know if this interests you so we can check dates, and add upland game birds to your license.

Morning shoots are usually geese but it isn't uncommon for snow geese, Canada geese, specks, sandhill cranes and ducks to be in the same field.  We use a combination of full bodied decoys, windsocks, spinning wing decoys, and electronic calls based on the hunters preference and what is required for a successful hunt. We tailor your hunt to you, choose from layout blinds or A-frame blind to hunt from. We occasionally hunt over water but field hunts are our priority as water is their refuge.

The weather plays a big part in how a hunt will go, warm, cold, or windy, everyday the weather is different. Hunting is the adaptation to any given situation to successfully harvest the game that you are after.  Our guides and spotters are the most important component in providing our clients with a memorable waterfowl hunt.  We are constantly checking the weather reports which gives us a good indication of what the birds will do in the days to come. Our spotters are out each day before sunrise covering thousands of miles throughout the week to ensure our clients with the best possible fields to hunt over. We spot until the birds go back to water so we can pattern the birds where you will be hunting.  All our hunts are pre-scouted so our guides can use their hunting knowledge to devise the best method to pursue the birds. With No Fly Zone's knowledge, teamwork and Saskatchewan's phenomenal waterfowl population, we provide you with an experience the best that waterfowl hunting has to offer.